Bel brands deliver fun healthy snack portions to over 400 million consumers. They have won and maintain the trust of families all around the world by continuously reinventing themselves.

A special place in consumers' daily lives

Our brands are, above all, a source of pleasure. Their recipes, taste and the way they are eaten vary from one country to another to meet local consumer expectations. Available on five continents, they have forged strong heartfelt consumer bonds, sprinkled with cheerfulness and always synonymous with smiles.

Innovative and responsible brands

The first challenge of Bel brands is to constantly reinvent themselves. Product innovation, recipe improvements, enhanced natural content, new functionalities, and a novel approach to advertising are just some of the ingredients required to keep Bel brands the preferred brands of consumers. They embody the Group’s sustainable growth model and reflect Bel’s commitment to its entire value chain, from farm to fork.

Building positive brands

Allying healthy indulgence, convenience and fun, Bel brands convey positive values, always in sync with consumer expectations for food.

To offer even more responsible products, the Group has initiated the sustainable transformation of its brands by working on four key challenges essential for its value chain: sustainable farming, caring
nutrition, environmental footprint and people well-being. To create awareness about their responsible commitments, Bel brands are strengthening their visibility and delivering clear information in their marketing actions.

Beyond this constant improvement approach, their strength as well as their distinctive product offers to answer local consumer needs continue to offer substantial geographical growth prospects for the future.