Bel Group

Bel Group is the world leader in individual-portion cheeses and the third-largest producer of branded cheeses.

core brands
billion portions
  • Its core brands are The Laughing Cow®, Mini Babybel®, Boursin®, Kiri® and Leerdammer®.
  • Every year, the sale of more than 18 billion portions solidifies the Group’s stellar reputation in Canada and around the world!
  • In 2016, the Group had sales of CAD4,3 billion in 130 countries, employed 13,000 people and boasted close to 400 million consumers around the world. It has been a family-run group from the beginning.

A global network

The scope of its international network combined with the expertise of its cheese specialists allow Bel Group to offer products that meet the highest standards of quality and to continuously innovate.

A desire for sustainable growth

Since 2015, the entire Bel Group has been implementing a strategic plan with the goal of reaching one billion consumers by the year 2025. This goal is based on an acceleration of its sustainable and worldwide growth. As a result, the Group’s growth strategy relies on the development of strong brands that meet the changing needs of consumers, particularly in the healthy snack market.


Furthermore, whether in Canada or elsewhere in the world, the growth of Bel Group also depends on demographic trends. These will help us identify and seize new opportunities among different types of consumers.

By adapting to the diversity of tastes and local consumption habits, Bel Group is making sure that it respects the cultural traditions of the various countries where more than 25 local and international brands are distributed.

A desire to innovate

Its recognized ability to innovate gives Bel Group a major asset to fuel its growth. Bel Group intends to assert itself as the market leader in healthy snacks.