that blend pleasure,
and responsibility

Innovative and responsible brands

Bel brands deliver fun healthy snack portions to over 400 million consumers. They have won and maintain the trust of families all around the world by continuously reinventing themselves.

A special place in consumers' daily lives

Our brands are, above all, a source of pleasure. Their recipes, taste and the way they are eaten vary from one country to another to meet local consumer expectations. Available on five continents, they have forged strong heartfelt consumer bonds, sprinkled with cheerfulness and always synonymous with smiles.

Discover bel’s brands

Bel's brands are known and appreciated on every continent. All share a sense of conviviality and a good dose of audacity.

The Laughing Cow®

Sharing laughters for 100 years

Loved by all with its smooth texture and creamy taste, The Laughing cow® is the perfect way to share a moment of happiness with friends and family

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Discover a different way to snack

The unique Mini Babybel in its wax shell, super fun to open, to enjoy… and to bring along !

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Breakfast has never been so creamy

With its fresh taste and smooth texture, Kiri® delights the taste buds of gourmets both young and old.

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Boursin, the irresistible pleasure

Arousing food experiences for passionate and food lovers with allure

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Plant-based and tasty (Yep, it happened)

Our fresh take on plant-based cheese alternative makes it easy to bring joy to your table and flavor to your meals.

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Port Salut®

Authentic Saint-Paulin recipe with a soft, fruity texture


Real cheese covered in crunchy almonds

Delight your family and friends at your next gathering with a delicious and unique Kaukauna® Cheese ball.

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