Montréal, Canada, May 31, 2021. — For its 100th anniversary, The Laughing Cow®, Bel Group’s very first brand, is proud to celebrate the power of laughter and its positive impact on our lives.  Starting today, Canadians are invited to share the sound of their laughter on a web application to bring joy to those who need it the most. On this occasion, The Laughing Cow® is committed to supporting two Foundations that share this same objective. This marks the beginning of a movement that is part of Bel Canada Group’s mission: to engage socially in the long term with the community.

Thanks to its visionary spirit, The Laughing Cow® has maintained its relevance throughout the world, with 121 portions now being produced every second. Popular with all generations, the brand accounts for 13% of the snack cheese sales volume among Canadian households. The Laughing Cow® has been present in the Canadian market for over 60 years and, since 2007, this beloved brand has been proudly made in Quebec with the collaboration of Fromagerie Bergeron.


The Superpower of Laughter

The Laughing Cow® is celebrating its 100th anniversary with laughter and the positive impact of laughter on our lives. Starting May 31, 2021, Canadians are invited to record their laughter and the laughter of their loved ones on the web application at


“The Laughing Cow® combines nutritional value with a creamy texture that is sure to make you smile! Celebrating the power of laughter for the brand’s 100th anniversary, especially during these extraordinary times, is a fitting tribute to the Bel Group’s charitable values, which advocate innovation for healthier and more responsible food for all,” said Marie-Eve Robert, Vice President of Marketing for Bel Canada Group.


In honour of this occasion, The Laughing Cow® will donate a total of $75,000 to the Dr. Clown Foundation and SickKids Foundation, two charities that bring help and joy to those who need it the most.


The centennial laughter of The Laughing Cow® is quite a story!

In 1921, just after the war, Léon Bel, the son of the owner of a well-known artisanal cheese factory at the foot of the French Alps, discovered the potential of a new Swiss product: processed cheese. It was economically viable, and easy to transport and store. Léon Bel was convinced. This is the story of how he embarked on his industrial adventure and founded the Fromagerie Bel, which later became the Bel Group, and the brand The Laughing Cow®. The name was inspired by the emblem of his military unit, a hilarious ox, nicknamed Wachkyrie, in reference to The Valkyrie, Wagner’s opera that was dear to the German enemy at the time.


For 100 years, The Laughing Cow® has been a quality product that offers unique, innovative small triangular portions to promote healthy eating and provide a beneficial solution to waste. Today, the brand represents 34% of Bel Canada Group’s sales and the brand has achieved a 19.7% penetration in the overall Canadian market, representing nearly 3 million households.


About The Laughing Cow®

The Laughing Cow® was created in 1921 in France. The Laughing Cow is consumed in more than 120 countries, making it the world’s fourth largest processed cheese brand. It has been available on the Canadian market for over 60 years and this core line has been proudly made in Quebec, in St-Nicolas, with the collaboration of Fromagerie Bergeron, since 2007. With its creamy texture, The Laughing Cow® is an ideal snack, combining a portion of laughter with a portion of nutrition. For more information, visit


About Dr. Clown Foundation

The Dr. Clown Foundation brings joy to the most vulnerable people in our community. Since 2002, the Dr. Clown Foundation has been developing its personal relationship approach that is focused on improving the quality of life of hospitalized children, students in specialized schools, hospitalized patients of all ages and seniors in care facilities. The Foundation runs two separate programs: Dr. Clown, designed for schools and hospitals, and La Belle Visite, intended for seniors. Both aim to create caring and respectful relationships that bring a breath of joy into environments we visit. For more information, visit


About SickKids Foundation

Established in 1972, SickKids Foundation raises funds on behalf of The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and is the largest charitable funder of child health research, learning and care in Canada. Its vision is simple: Healthier Children. A Better World. SickKids believes fighting for the health and well-being of children is one of the most powerful ways to improve society. They understand that sometimes the most effective tool isn’t a machine or new scientific procedure—it’s laughter, music, and art. That’s why SickKids therapeutic clowns, music therapists, and art therapists treat the whole child: mind, body, and spirit. But they’re not done yet. SickKids is still fighting to save lives, find new cures and to provide world-class care for overall health and well-being. It’s a massive challenge, but one that has to be met. For more information, please visit


About Bel Canada Group

Bel Canada Group is a subsidiary of Bel Group a global family-run company piloted by its fifth generation of family leadership. Bel is the world’s top player in the cheese portions category and a major player in the healthy snacking market in nearly 120 countries. The Bel Canada Group subsidiary was established in 2005 to promote the development of the Group’s activities in Canada and it currently employs 200 people, including 60 at its head office in Montreal. Its main brands—Boursin® and The Laughing Cow®—are produced in Canada through subcontracting partnership agreements with local dairy processors.  Babybel® is also produced at the Sorel-Tracy plant since 2020. For more information, visit


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