Babybel® strengthens its local footprint

Montreal, March 20, 2023 – In partnership with Group Bel Canada, Havas Montreal has created a 360 campaign to highlight Babybel’s commitment to providing consumers with nutritious Babybel Original and Light made with 100% Canadian quality milk.

A TV and web commercial was produced in which Babybel® continues to explore the Land of Goodness, propelling its friendly characters to discover this wonderful world where Canadian dairy farmers hold a special place.

The commercial was entirely produced locally with SHED and Studio Lamajeure, which composed original music for the occasion. “It’s always great to leave a local imprint in the communications of a global brand,” adds Creative Director Hugo Morin.

This campaign emphasizes two flagship products, Babybel® Original and Babybel® Light, but it’s only the beginning, according to Marie-Ève Robert, Vice-President of Marketing at Group Bel Canada. “Local production is important for an iconic brand like Babybel®, consumed by over 3 million Canadian families each year. We now produce the majority of our cheeses in Quebec at our Babybel plant in Sorel-Tracy, and our goal is to maximize this in the future to meet the growing demand of Canadians for local products.”

The local aspect of the products is at the heart of the influence strategy. Made In has mobilized significant influencers and opinion leaders to create video content directly from the Sorel plant, a first for the brand. In addition, a broader influence component will see influencers from all over Canada invited to communicate about the products and their local origin. Meanwhile, the public relations firm NATIONAL is orchestrating a media relations campaign that will highlight Babybel®‘s local production, as well as several unique facts about the iconic cheese.

To complete the campaign’s deployment in stores, CRI has highlighted two certifications known to consumers, the logos of Dairy Farmers of Canada and Aliments du Québec Entreprise Adhérente (in Quebec only). Consumers will be able to easily identify locally produced Babybel® Original and Babybel® Light products.


Client: Group Bel Canada / Babybel
Agency: Havas
TV production: SHED
Original music and sound design: Lamajeure Studio
Influence campaign: Made In
In-store advertising: CRI
Media strategy and placement: SPARK Foundry
Media relations: NATIONAL Public Relations