Boursin Truffle Salt & Hint of Pepper: Something this special only happens once a year!

If there is one cheese that has become an integral part of our holiday traditions, it’s Boursin. And this year, Boursin has decided to offer consumers a gourmet treat worthy of the most special occasions: Boursin Truffle Salt & Hint of Pepper.

Through a digital and in-store campaign, Boursin is inspiring consumers with this new exquisite flavour, available for the holiday season only and in limited quantities. Deployed in various formats, the campaign celebrates great holiday traditions, which we have been impatiently waiting for after two rather less-than-memorable years. For every opportunity to celebrate together, for every small or large get-together, this new flavour will occupy a prime spot on consumers’ tables.

Made entirely in Quebec with 100% Canadian milk, Boursin Truffle Salt & Hint of Pepper will be available exclusively in Canada. In addition to being sold in all Canadian grocery stores until the end of December, it will also be available exclusively at Costco starting in November.

As of mid-November, this new ephemeral flavour is being launched with the support of an impressive 360-degree media strategy orchestrated by Spark Foundry, in collaboration with CRI for the shopper strategy and Made In for the influencer component. It will feature a digital component made up of banners and a social post campaign, specifically on Pinterest and TikTok, as well as digital out-of-home advertising. The campaign, which wraps up at Christmas, will also have full-page visibility in Food & Drink.

Client: Fromagerie Bel / Boursin
Agency: Havas Montréal
Photography: Shoot studio

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